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March 24, 2007
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The Ungod Chasm vers.1 by EthalenSkye The Ungod Chasm vers.1 by EthalenSkye
"South of heav'n,
Deep in the earth,
Lujmor was cast.
Fallen from God's worth.
Under a land broken
By one sorcerer's plot
To change what God wrought,
And come to naught!
From the fist of God
A chasm was born.
The wizard's misshapen land
Was torn,
To hold within an evil
No one can fathom!
Be that the land
Of the Ungod Chasm!"

- from the Lanthrish Codex, Scroll VI of the Age of Divin Domin : Chapter 49 - "Ending of the Age Divine Dominion" - verses 110 - 114. Author: Scribe Hectus Baeltan via the Lord's Angel.
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Igor-Son-Of-Gondor Jan 15, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
i do not wanna go down there, looks frightening :D the song is great also
Thank you very much! Not a pleasant place at'all!
Sorry for the late reply...
lynx-the-ranger Apr 3, 2007  Professional Artisan Crafter
Neat landscape drawing. :)
Thank you! I'm considering vers.II to show the chasm opened by the two figures in the center. All that mist will be sucked into the chasm and you'll see the steep walls that lead down to the Ungod's prison.
lynx-the-ranger Apr 5, 2007  Professional Artisan Crafter
that sounds awesome. You should draw that then. :)
I'm gonna! It is a bit of action that must be seen! Hope I can pull it off right! :lol:
Dyun Mar 24, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
That is a very cool landscape, and laid out really nice. :thumsup: When I used to play LOTR there was an area that looked like this in the videogame. I always built my base there. :D
Thank you kindly! It was remarkably quick to do. Came out pretty close to vision. I'm not sure if it is suggested well enough, but there's a layer of mist covering the chasm. Underneath lies a barrier, which Kyrie (the black-cloaked figure) is about to open. In the story, the chasm opens and the mist is swallowed into the depths, clouds and dust follow- along with the soldiers and tent. Only Lord Dunclow and his daughter Kyrie survive. It's like a giant taking its first breath - very violent! It just looks awesome in my head!You talkin' bout LOTR:BFME? Love that game!
Dyun Apr 5, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
You're very welcome. :) I think the fog/cloud cover looks great. It's hard to tell at first because the page is probably whited out by your scanner or camera, but when you look close you can see the cloud/mist shapes along with the mountain tops peeking out of it.
I love your description of the fog being swallowed up like that. I can just see it in my head. Awesome. :D
Yes, that's the game I'm talking about. :nod: :D
I'm going to try and draw that for vers.II
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